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Ana’s Travel Tips: Packing Light

When traveling for work, I carry a backpack for personal items. My rolling suitcase is actually a ThinkTank, which is a photography gear-only bag. Because of this, I’ve learned to travel light. Here are my travel tips: Versatile pieces – Black/blue/white long-sleeve and short sleeve tops can go with almost anything. I also bring one […]

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Ana’s Travel Tips: Delays and cancellations

You’ve probably been there: a delayed or cancelled flight. Earlier this week I added a new one to my list: emergency landing. So what do you do? Below are a few of my tips for handling unexpected travel delays. During the delay/cancellation: Get food – Add being hungry to any situation and all of a […]

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Ana’s Travel Tips: Preparing to travel to a new city

You may have seen that I recently came back from Panama! Over the years, I’ve realized that there are a few things that make my trips stress-free. Below are my tips to be prepared when traveling to a new city: Bring an external charger – This is extra helpful when I know I’ll be out and […]

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