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Jannalex’s Headshots

Headshots are all about first impressions. Whether your profile is being viewed online or attendees are seeing it a conference, it’s important to have a headshot that directly communicates with your audience. Jannalex came prepared for her session after reading the What to Wear and How to Prep guides. Her headshots emit confidence, style, and professionalism. […]

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Headshots: Weaver San Antonio

Weaver San Antonio branch employees got a fresh start to 2020 with new headshots. The organization requested headshots on a white backdrop to coordinate with branches throughout the US. We started by sending the What to Wear and How to Prep guides for a successful day. Each employee received a variety of photos ready to be […]

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Jose’s Headshots

Headshots are the best way to show you are a professional in your field. Jose wanted headshots to accompany his new employment announcement. We went with the marble facade at the Supreme Court as a backdrop to his photos.  

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Portraits at the St. Anthony Hotel

What better way to start your stay at the St. Anthony Hotel than with a portrait session? This San Antonio luxury hotel is a perfect backdrop for portraits. Here are some of my favorites of Michael and Dilshan!

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