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The Tyler Family

I’m back from Peru and boy do I miss the warm weather already!!! Although I was in a much more ideal climate, I do have to say that I missed the tall marble┬ácolumns of the Lincoln memorial! (Yes, I’m a total┬ásucker for all things DC!) While it hasn’t quite felt like winter yet, it has […]

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The Pennington Family

I had the pleasure of meeting the Pennington family at the steps of the Lincoln memorial for a sunrise shoot! It was a chilly fall morning but the sunrise was perfect! I love shooting sunrise especially at the monuments for two main reasons: the soft glow from the sun and the lack of tourists! Also, […]

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Living in DC | The Monuments

I really like living in DC. To me, there’s no other feeling like being in the nation’s capital. My friend Simone laughs at me every time I use the word “the nation’s capital” because it sounds so cheesy! She does say I’m pretty good at selling DC and considering she just moved here, I’d like […]

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