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Three tips for family portrait session with kids

Making portrait day a success is important. Our former (and repeat) clients want to share three tips with you all to ensuring a great session: Our client Lori gave us a tip on attire: “Talk through your child’s outfit with them before hand. Do not try to put them in something for the first time […]

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How to prep for your family portrait session

Prepping for your family photo session is important to ensure the best outcome. Below are three tips to implement: Make it a special occasion – Photography sessions are fun when we’re reminded that it’s a special treat! Talk to all family members about expectations before the session and remind kids that this exciting moment only […]

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Wedding day: Tips for Family Portraits

Family portraits are one of the most structured portions of a wedding day. It requires planning and patience. That’s why I’m giving you a few tips for a successful family portrait session. Write it down – Create a bullet point list of each family grouping to be photographed. This serves as a checklist for your […]

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