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Ana’s Travel Tips: Must-have travel items

There are a few items I always travel with that make my life easier. There are variations of the items below and have linked to some of my preferred ones:  1) Foldable bag –  I really like traveling with the Long Champ Le Pliage Tote Bag (Large) because I can fold and store it in my backpack […]

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Ana’s Travel Tips: Delays and cancellations

You’ve probably been there: a delayed or cancelled flight. Earlier this week I added a new one to my list: emergency landing. So what do you do? Below are a few of my tips for handling unexpected travel delays. During the delay/cancellation: Get food – Add being hungry to any situation and all of a […]

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Behind the Camera

August was probably my favorite month this year! You may have seen on Instagram that I went to Spain and France!!! I mainly went to visit my cousins Renzo and Kevin who live in Spain, but while I was there, I figured I’d tack on a trip to France! (Why not right?!) Similar to previous monthly recaps (you […]

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