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How to pull off a surprise proposal

Earlier this year, I photographed Isaac’s surprise proposal to Kelsey. Now, both of them want to share tips on how to pull off a surprise proposal. Enjoy this guest blog post! — Did you know 37 percent of engagements happen between November and February? Sounds like ‘Tis the season for proposals! If you’re planning to […]

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Andrew & Jessica’s Surprise Proposal

Jessica thought she was going to a nice dinner with Andrew at Fiola Mare…but Andrew had a very important question to ask before they got there. As he got down on one knee, Jessica was beyond words! Her face says it all. She was full of smiles during their portrait session. I’m so glad to […]

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Kelsey & Isaac’s Surprise Proposal

Isaac and Kelsey first said “I love you,” to one another at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. So it was fitting he would propose there. As it began to rain, Kelsey walked in with her friends. She was surprised and happy to see him and asked, “What are you doing here?” Isaac […]

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Vince & Jeni’s Surprise Proposal

This summer, I attended my good family friend’s wedding in Portland. It was there where I met Vince & Jeni! We connected over living on the east coast as they are in Charlottesville attending law school. Just a few weeks ago, Vince called me and said how when he learned I was a photographer, he […]

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