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What to bring to your headshot session

I love it when my clients come extra prepared for their headshot session! I’m sharing the top five things my clients bring to their session: Oil absorbing sheets or small cloth – Sweat/glistening/ shine happens, especially in the summertime. Bringing something to dab yourself keeps you looking great! Lint roller – Making your attire look […]

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Five things to consider when picking your headshot location

My first two questions to my headshot clients are, “How would you like to be portrayed?” and “What are some words that come to mind?” That usually helps me guide my clients into the best location for their session. So today, I’m sharing with you, five things to consider when picking your headshot location: Convenience […]

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Jacqui’s Headshots

Coming out of 2020 a lot of my clients are focused on getting up to date headshots. Jacqui wanted headshots that included greenery but also some nice stone like white marble. The goal was to portray her as approachable, professional, and confident. I believe we nailed that! Take a look at some of my favorites: […]

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Sawyer’s Headshots

While political candidates certainly get photographed often, it’s just as important for those working for or with those political principals to be photographed as well.  A good professional headshot can be used for marketing materials, on social media, and for speaking engagements. I recently photographed Sawyer and want to share some of my favorites from […]

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