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Fre’s Headshots

Headshot should be taken every two years and especially if you’ve changed styles, careers, location, or job titles. For Fre’s headshots, we went with a subtle and stoic background. I also often get asked: should I wear my glasses in my photos? My suggestion is to wear whatever folks would normally see you wear. If that […]

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Linette’s Headshots

Professional headshots are important for various careers, but most important if you’re looking to transition to a new career, a different position, or taking speaking engagements. The goal for Linette’s headshots was to give her simple, clean, backgrounds. This way, she could use them in various ways throughout the next few years of her career. […]

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Jannalex’s Headshots

Headshots are all about first impressions. Whether your profile is being viewed online or attendees are seeing it a conference, it’s important to have a headshot that directly communicates with your audience. Jannalex came prepared for her session after reading the What to Wear and How to Prep guides. Her headshots emit confidence, style, and professionalism. […]

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