Tips for a Great Wedding Party

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Posted 06.27.2017 Wedding

Wedding parties play a big role in the overall tone of a wedding day. If you are in one, or know someone that will be in a wedding party, here are three tips for a wedding day!

The mood: Your mood is contagious! If you panic, the couple panics, if you’re excited, the couple gets excited! Be sure to stay positive and remember that this is their big day! Play some music while everyone is getting ready to set the mood.

Be helpful: If the couple asks you to do something, go do it! I know for us wedding photographers, during family portraits, the wedding party can help find family members for photos. Remember that you know far more people than the vendors. Your assistance to the couple and anyone around them is appreciated! For the bride(s), offer to carry the dress train or bouquet. For groom(s), carry a handkerchief in your pocket–trust me, they come in handy on hot days or when they get teary-eyed.

Dance and socialize: Be sure to talk to as many guests and introduce yourself to new ones! When it comes to the reception, get out and dance! As a wedding party member, you should be the first to help get the party started!


Happy wedding day!

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