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Posted 09.18.2017 Corporate, Education, Vendor Feature, Wedding


Earlier this summer, I worked with Ashley Greer from Atelier Ashley Flowers. Her beautiful work prompted me to ask more questions about flowers! She arranges for parties, galas, special dinners, and weddings.

“Flowers are important because they bring joy. They have a life force that immediately adds to your own energy and truly enhances any mood. They also smell unique, no matter how quality your perfume is, it will never be able to capture the quirky aroma of flowers,” says Ashley.

When reaching out to a florist, Ashely says, “It is best if the client has their event date, venue, and attire picked out first. Those details set the stage for everything else.”

If you don’t know the types of flowers or arrangements you want, “all you really need to know are what colors and styles you like.” She says that with that, “and a little trust, I am given the freedom to make something much more beautiful then if I am boxed in by specifics.”

So you may be thinking, I really want pretty flowers but they’re so expensive!!! Ashley explained on her blog why you’re getting high floral proposals. She notes, “If you are on a budget, seriously consider white and green, you can sure get the most bang for your buck with that combo!”

While any florist can make beautiful arrangements, the reason Ashley is different than other florists is that she really cares about her clients! “I truly care that my clients are happy and am looking to form long lasting relationships,” says Ashley. When I worked with her at Allie & Dale’s wedding, the couple and family raved about her professionalism and her willingness to work on a tight deadline and deliver above their expectations! Everyone was happy and the flowers made for great pictures!

If you’re also wondering, “How does the process work?” She says it usually starts with an email, followed by a phone or in person conversation, proposal, design, and deposit. “Then it’s event day and flowers are delivered!”

Ashley is a dream to work with and provides so much information on her blog. Be sure to also check her out on Instagram (especially her stories!), Pinterest, and Facebook!

Thank you Ashley!

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