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The Pittleman Family

The Audubon National Society (also known as the Woodend Sanctuary) is a great place for family portraits. The greenery in the area is ever changing and provides a lot of variety. The Pittleman Family chose this location for their photos and it turned out to be a great day because the leaves had already begun […]

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The O’Neill Family

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is seeing families grow over time. I photographed the O’Neill’s wedding a few years back and it was great photographing them with their daughter. We chose the Kennedy Center for their winter-time family photos.  

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The BowRomBy Family

I enjoy it when families come together to get their photographs together! We had a great time with the Romero, Bowie, and Nesby families. The photos included a mix of group photos and individual family photos. Enjoy some of my favorites!  

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The Saah Family

The Saah family wanted to celebrate the holidays with a festive session! We chose Union Station because of the holiday decor. They also change from a formal outfit to a casual one for variety! Here are a few of my favorites:

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