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Posted 02.04.2018 Corporate, Politics, Portrait

A common question from headshot clients is, “What should I wear?!” The question I have is: What do you want to portray?

If you’re looking to for a corporate job, the corporate style is for you. If you work at a start-up and want to add a photo to your webpage, the business casual or weekend look may be more your speed.

So let’s get started with the three style categories:


The Corporate Look

This style is clean-cut, and conservative. It’s great for publishing on websites and submitting for speaking engagements. Think: board meetings, law offices, Capitol Hill.

Wear: Suit, tie, button down shirt, collared shirt, blouse, dress, slacks/dress pants, pencil skirt.

Colors/patterns: black, blue/navy, white, gray, soft colors, subtle patterns


Within the corporate look, there is also the “bold” look. It’s for people who want to make a statement with their attire. I have primarily seen it in women, and it is usually the opposite of blue/black attire, but still corporate:


The Business Casual Look

This look is great for those working in relaxed office environments. It is both professional and creative. Think: Friday casual, start-ups, business lunches, after-work events.

Wear: trousers, dark jeans (no tears), blazer, button down shirt, collared shirt, blouse, cardigan, sweater, tie (optional).

Colors: blue/navy, gray, patterns mixed with solid colors or alone.


The Weekend

This look is the “you” look! It’s the look you prefer to wear over all the others, that make you feel your best and confident. Think: brunch with friends, picnics, visiting museums/art galleries, weekend-meet ups.

This is a great time to wear jeans (light/dark), button down shirt, scoop and v-neck shirts, patterned shirts, statement jewelry.

Colors: bright colors, loud colors, anything goes!




Last and certainly not least, we cannot forget about the details!

Face: If you can, have your make-up professionally done, or do it the way you would on a regular work day. If you shave your face, do so at your usual time. Bring oil-absorbing sheets or wipes in case of unwanted glistening during the shoot.

Hair: Which ever way you flaunt it, make sure your hair is out of your face. Bring extra hair ties, pins, hair spray, comb/brush, etc. If you’re able to, have your hair professionally styled.

Accessories: remember that less is more! Stick to pearls, studs, solid color watches/bands, gold/silver jewelry. The weekend style is the time to get those statement pieces out.


Thanks for stopping by! Hope you feel more prepared for your headshot session. If you’re interested in scheduling one, feel free to reach me here, or email me at ana@anaisabelphotography.com. Thanks!

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