Tips for Inquiring with Wedding Vendors

What couples should know about wedding planning

Posted 12.18.2017 Education, Engagement, Wedding

There are many things to think about when beginning to plan a wedding! One of the first things couples do is inquire with vendors. After many years working in the wedding industry, I want to provide you with some tips:

  • Use their online platform – If a wedding professional has a “contact me/us” page and form, you should use that. This allows them to quickly receive alerts when you inquire, and seamlessly integrate you in their process. You should only use a vendor’s direct email address if the event is within a month away, or a unique situation that does not fit within the form parameters. You should only call if the event is less than a month away.
  • Provide details – Be sure to note your name, fiancé’s name, date, venue, and how you found the vendor. Even if you don’t have a venue or date, it is important to note that. If you’re inquiring for someone else, note that as well.
  • Inquire early – Wedding professionals get booked about a year in advance! Sometimes more. It is important to know if your desired vendor(s) are available. Getting on their radar early allows you to be informed of their schedule.
  • Ask vendors about their colleagues – Wedding professionals have worked with each other, often times, for many years. If you don’t know (for example) a florist or a DJ, ask someone you’ve inquired with! They probably know quite a few and can give you solid recommendations.
  • Do your research – Make sure that you are very willing to work with the professional you have inquired with. Take a hard look at their website, social media feeds, and ask yourself if you see you and your partner in their work. Look at their reviews and ask other folks who have experienced their services about them.


Thanks for reading! Did you find this useful? Check out our tips for planning a wedding and why you need a wedding planner. Enjoy!


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