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September 2017

Posted 10.09.2017 Personal

Happy October!!! It’s time for pumpkins and Halloween! In the meantime, let’s take a look back at September!

While in San Antonio, I met with Dawn from Dawn Elizabeth Studios and Keri from The Event Assistant! They were both so awesome and I am so excited to work with them in the upcoming months!


I spend a day with Paul Tran Baker Man creating the BEST marshmallows! He walked me through how to make the fluffiest marshmallows and I will never eat store-bought ones again!! Go subscribe to his YouTube channel!


My dear friend Mario is moving!!! We’ve known each other since high school!!! Luckily, he’s not going too far. We made sure we took full advantage of our monthly lunches while he was here and I can’t wait to visit him next year!


Gina and I celebrated Christina & Jack’s wedding!!! I definitely cried during the ceremony (anyone else get emotional at weddings?), and we had a great time on the dance floor with them! Congrats you two!!!


At last month’s NACE event, Lucy from Snap-Bash and Brynne from Pop Color Events and I learned all about event safety! The view is amazing from Spire (which I was unable to fully capture in this picture)! You can see the Washington Monument AND the Capitol–it’s gorgeous!


I got to meet and work with Stephanie from Diamond Events at Whitehall Manor!!! What a difference it makes when you have a great planner coordinating an event!


Happy birthday Mose!!! My friend from pottery Mary Rose (aka Mose) celebrated her birthday in September! It was awesome also seeing Caitlin, who is also a former pottery friend from Bright Leaf!


Lastly, I learned that we have a new neighbor!!! The Capital Candy Jar is officially open!! And their treats are delicious! If you’re on the hill, stop by for something sweet!


That’s all for this month! Be on the lookout for Brittney & Greg’s wedding this week!!!

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