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October 2017

Posted 11.22.2017 Personal

The event industry calls this time of year “busy season” for a very good reason! It’s been nutty the past few months and October was no different. Here’s a recap in iPhone photos!


I have made some great friends being a photographer! Katie and Jon assisted me in the Women in Cyber event hosted by Scope Group, where we live edited the event for social media (blog post on that coming soon!). After the event, we went to Union Market for food and drinks!


Always great to see friends from out of town. I actually got to see Angela twice this month! Once in DC and once in NYC, her new home! We used to sit next to each other at a previous corporate job and needless to say, there was lots of giggling coming from our side of the office!


This was our set up for the SESMA networking event in October at Jos. A. Magnus distillery. How lucky were we?! We got to make our own drinks while getting to know new folks in the event industry.


As you may have read in my newsletter (FOMO? Sign up here!), I’m expanding to San Antonio, TX! I attended the SA Chamber of Commerce and it was great meeting business owners in the area. Really looking forward to doing more work there.


While in SA, I had to try Chisme! Definitely a great place to sit out in the patio and enjoy a margarita! They’re really good there.


And finally, since I’ll be abroad for my birthday, Gina took me to Bliss! The food and wine were excellent. Good thing it’s still warm in Texas because I’ve been needing all the walks after eating so much!

Thanks for stopping by friends! Happy holiday season!

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