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June 2017

Posted 07.10.2017 Personal

When I kept reading about it being the middle of the year, it took me by surprise! We’re well into summer and it is getting quite busy here in DC! On today’s post, we’re taking a look at some of my iPhone photos from June’s happenings. Check out May’s Behind the Camera post if you haven’t already!

Since May, my friend Zhidong and I have been playing tourist, so we decided to take it outside and hike the Billy Goat trail!



The main reason we played tourist is because he departed earlier this month for Officer Candidate School. I was sad to see my very good friend go but I know he will do well!! See you soon Zhidong!



I spent quite a lot of time at Hank’s Oyster Bar in June! (Not like I don’t already….) I have frequented the one on the hill more since it’s closer to home. I am also very excited to see them open a new one on the wharf!!



Speaking of being in the neighborhood, I have such a sweet tooth and being lactose intolerant has made me find alternatives. Lucky for me, Farewell is right around the corner! They’re a vegan-centric bakery/diner/bar. And trust me, I was sad when I left Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights, but it looks like the company just follows me where I move! :-)



I have photographed so much this month! As you see in the picture above, in all weather conditions! Be on the lookout for posts with pictures from the Girl Scouts, Bluewater Advisory, Heather & Casey’s wedding, and the Baltimore Business Journal!



Speaking of the Baltimore Business Journal, I photographed for their Enterprising Women event in June! This behind the scenes shot was taken by Stephanie Redding! Thanks!



A great part about being a photographer is having your friends as co-workers! I was Matt‘s second photographer for a wedding in DC! We’ve been shooting since college together and we always have a great time!



Last, and certainly not least, Gina and I dined at Pineapples and Pearls!!! What was cool (aside from the delicious and very well presented dishes) was that their drink pairing included cocktails! Here we are having a welcome drink! We’ve been so fortunate to enjoy amazing dining experiences!


June was awesome and July is already shaping up to be a great month!! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your summer!

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