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July 2017

Posted 08.03.2017 Personal

Hello friends! If your summer has been anything like mine, the months have been blending together! So much happened in June, and even more in July! Here’s last month’s recap in iPhone photos!

P.S. My train trip across the country will be coming in on another post–stay tuned!

As you all may have seen on FB by now, my girlfriend Gina is running for Congress in her home district in Texas! That means trips for me to San Antonio! Here we are after enjoying a delicious meal at Sternewirth at the Hotel Emma!


Gina has been raving about breakfast tacos for so long, and I was finally able to try one (or two…)! They’re delicious and I may or may not have taken one back with me on the flight home! :-)


I love being a family photographer! Ashley (pictured above) and I had met a few years back. I was over the moon when I became her wedding photographer, and even more so to have photographed her sister’s wedding!! Allie & Dale’s wedding was awesome and I cannot wait to share their day with you all!


Speaking of being a family photographer…I traveled to Ohio to photograph Erin & Tim’s wedding! A few years ago, I photographed Melinda’s wedding, Tim’s sister. While there, I visited my friend JR who toured me around his alma mater and place of work: The Ohio State University! I had a great time seeing all the things that make the school special! I also got a quick lesson on taking this picture!



While I was in Ohio, I visited a speakeasy called The Light of Seven Matchsticks! It’s beneath a pizza place in Columbus! The food was delicious and the drinks even more so!


I realized that my close friends and I are always in groups of threes! Holly & Inas are my college besties! We met while living together in our residence halls and try to catch up as much as we can! I’m so happy for all the exciting things to come in our lives!


Remember how I mentioned Erin & Tim’s wedding in Ohio? Well they also had a cruise reception in DC! (Super cool, right!?) Lauren and I photographed their reception and had a great time! I love that my “co-workers” are really my friends–it makes life and “work” great!


That’s all for today! So much happening and lots to update you on! Up next: Girl Scout event on the Hill, Allie & Dale’s wedding, and Erin & Tim’s wedding! Oh, and I haven’t forgotten…the train trip! :-) All coming soon!

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Dopeness. Keep that grind going, Ms. Fotografía ;). Glad to see your passion is taking you national :).