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January 2018

Posted 02.13.2018 Personal

How did your January go? I totally kept catching myself writing 2017 on documents.

If you’re new to the Behind the Camera series, welcome! This is where I post those images you don’t see on curated social media feeds, and images I may have not posted online…until now. It’s kind of like going through my iPhone photos together and looking back at the month. Enjoy!


I started 2018 in San Antonio! Keri from The Event Assistant, Dawn from Dawn Elizabeth Studios, and I grabbed food and drinks at La Cantera. We checked out Piatti and George’s Keep–both were very good. Always a great time with these ladies!


You all know I really like oysters (especially Hank’s Oyster Bar)! And I was having a hard time finding oysters from the coasts in SA. One day, when we parked to go to a restaurant, Gina pointed out sign that said oysters right beside us! Our plans changed immediately and that’s when Shuck Shack became our go to oyster restaurant! Yum!


Another favorite of mine is going to the Farmer’s Market at the Pearl Brewery. Gina and I spent a morning checking out the vendors, eating brunch, and listening to the live music! Here we are in front of the Hotel Emma.



When I returned to the DC area, Beya, Marlayna, and I had a long brunch at Victoria Gastro Pub that became an afternoon of drinking rosé. We talked everything photography and more! Can’t wait to hang with these ladies again!


Tiffany from Simply Breathe Events invited me to the relaunch of Pelonkey at the Warner Theater. It was amazzzzzinggg. We had fun playing life sized pac-man (Tiffany is good–be ready to lose!), watching some crazy good acrobatics, and DJs that had us dancing all night! Thanks for the invite Tiffany!


OMGGGG! I finally got the D850!!! A huge thank you to my good friend Matt for recommending Pilot Imaging. When no one else had a camera, they totally did and I was even more excited to support a local business!


In January, I also attended my mom’s company holiday party at All Set! If anything my mom and I both really like, it’s good (sea)food and wine. Fun fact: my mom’s name is also Ana. Funny story: when I was younger, I totally answered calls on the landline for “Ana” (well knowing it wasn’t for me), and I’d pretend I was her until the caller would ask something way over my head and had to reveal myself (*facepalm* Sorry, mom!).


I have two awesome roommates in DC and each year, we have a nice meal out instead of getting each other holiday gifts. This year we went to The Grill Room at the Rosewood Hotel and it was really good! Also, we’re standing in front of one of my favorite Maggie O’Neill‘s paintings.


That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by friends.

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