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December 2017

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Happy 2018 friends! Let’s take a look back at December via my iPhone images. As you know at the end of November, I was in Peru! I spent most of my December in Peru, then traveled to NYC, then San Antonio for the holidays. I was so sick (flu/allergies) towards the end of December so we’ll focus on the Peru portion :-) Here we go:

December in Peru means summer!!! It was so lovely being able to walk in sandals and dresses during my trip.


This trip was all about food and celebration! My cousin Mauricio took me to ámaZ. This restaurant serves food from the Selva region in Peru and it was delicious! The atmosphere definitely made you feel like you were in the rainforest.


There were two major reasons for our trip to Peru. The first one was my cousin Natalia’s wedding! We had such a great time dancing late into the night and celebrating and welcoming her husband to the family!


The second reason was my grandmother’s birthday! She actually shares her birthday with her sister (on the left) and my cousin (who got married)! This was the third celebration of the week (my birthday, wedding, and their birthday) and also went late into the night! It was a great week overall.


I’m what I call a “weekend coffee drinker.” And when I can, I will have El Buen Cafe D’Martin! I can only find it in the market in Lima and I buy it a kilo at a time haha! I made sure I stocked up for the next few months.


Each time I’m in Lima, we try to go out and have some fun. We went to a 90’s club (where they only play music from the 90’s) and it was a blast! It’s pretty funny seeing everyone dancing to music they grew up with (including the macarena, Spice Girls, and other fun dances).


A highlight of the trip was going to the world’s fifth best restaurant, Central. It was really neat experiencing food from various regions in Peru and seeing their amazing presentation. They also filter discover and archive a variety of food found in remote areas of Peru. Definitely a must go if you’re into food (and into Chef’s table on Netflix!).


Most people don’t know that basically my entire family is in Peru! That includes my dad. Each time I visit, we eat at our favorite ceviche place in the market! There’s nothing better than roaming the market, checking out new foods (and desserts), and having a seat at our local place to eat amazing ceviche and black clams!


About two years ago, my good friend Kelly introduced me to his sister Genny (who is also from Texas!). At the time, she was moving to Cuzco and we became fast friends! She recently moved to Lima and it was a perfect opportunity to catch up over drinks and food!


That’s my December friends (minus being sick for a week!). If you’d like to be the first to hear about our announcements, be sure to sign up for our quarterly newsletter here! Looking forward to a great 2018!

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